Fengjie’s Benches

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Fengjie’s Benches


Fengjie saw the bench I made next to the countertop in our house, and asks me to build two for her. Knowing Fengjie for many years I understand her needs; she frequently has parties and friends coming to visit; the sitting space becomes an issue.

The first bench I made for her is exactly the same design as the one used for the countertop in our house, so she can make better use of her countertop.


The second bench is actually made for matching her formal dinner table. This bench has dimensions of 17.5″ height, 58″ length, and 15″ width. It is made of oak. The top coat is wipe-on polyurethane. Because the span between the legs is fairly long, I had two stretchers between the legs; to make sure the bench has enough strength, on top of the mortise/tenon joints, I put dowels through the MT joint to enhance the joinery.