Kid’s study desk

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My buddy Oscar asked me to make a small study desk for his two young daughters; one is 6 years and the other is 4 years old. Commercial study desks, primarily designed for an adult’s height, are too tall for the kids. On the other hand, those desks for young kids, sold by Amazon or IKEA, are pretty much made by particle boards or ply wood, which obviously SUCKS.

What Oscar wants is a very simple design, but made by solid wood. He does not want additional features even like drawers or build-in electrical outlet. The desk must be big enough for the daughters to sit at the both sides.

So I used hard maple and oak. The table is 24 inch tall, which perfectly fits the height of their daughters at this age. The aprons on the table have curves that allows extra room for kids’ legs as they grow.

The table top is 3 ft long by 2ft wide; this is pretty wide as compared to the length, per Oscar’s request (two daughters can sits on the both sides at the same time). The tabletop uses a classic solid wood top construction, with end caps at the both ends. These end caps are designed for compensating the wood expansion (a.k.a. wood movement) across the width of the table top. The end cap is only glued at the middle, with pins towards the ends allowing the wood movement.