Wooden Picture Frame

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My LOML complained too many drawings and paintings by our kids from their art classes are scattered in the house; some of them are already lost or damaged; she wanted to put them into picture frames and hang on the walls. I thought she can buy wooden frames from arts & crafts stores like Michaels or Hobby Lobby, but she said the sizes of the drawings or paintings are often different from the standard frame sold in the stores. In addition, she does not like those painted frames. So it becomes my task to make wooden frames.

I use white oak for the frames, primarily because oak is inexpensive here. Structure wise, a picture frame is simply built by four 45deg miter joints, with rabbets at all four sides and decorative profiles on the front. But I am always wary of the strength of a glued miter joint, as some of the miter joints of our purchased frames already have cracks, like this one:

I like to use splines at the miter joints to enhance its strength. Here is a frame that I made:

Looking from the front: