small wooden box (I)

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Through the years, I have accumulated a large number of router bits. However, the router table I built in the shop does not have a drawer or storage space for them; it becomes annoying to spend time looking for a bit when I am in the middle of woodworking. Finally, I got a chance to make a small wooden box for storing them.

The sides of the wooden box are made of red oak; the wood for the box top is pear. I bought the pear lumber from a retired carpenter who fell the pear tree from his backyard. I re-saw the pear lumber into thin boards and book matched them for the top (so it is symmetrical along the grain).

The sides of the box are glued together by 45deg miter joints, with spline to enhance the strength. The spline is made of black walnut for the contrast.

My LOMLwants me to make another one for her after seeing the box; she wants to use it on the desk in her office. This will become my excuse to work in the shop for next weekend:)