About me

I am DCP (nickname: 回锅肉), an enthusiastic garage woodworker. I am living in Katy, a suburb of Houston, Texas. All my woodworking is done in my 3-car garage.

Professionally, I am a mechanical engineer working in the oil & gas industry. I felt the mechanical background helps me tremendously in understanding the technical issues in the woodworking. For example, the wood movement that every woodworker needs to deal with for every furniture is a classic thermo-mechanical expansion issue; machining lumbers using power tools shares a lot of similarity with the modern steel fabrication process (milling, CNC, lathe, etc…); on top of it, power woodworking tools (planer, jointer, etc…) are mechanical machinery, designed and built primarily by a bunch of mechanical engineers.

The purpose of developing this blog is to facilitate the communication with other woodworkers or folks who are interested in woodworking. You may also notice that this blog is written in both English and Chinese; this is to reach out to a broader audience. If you have comments or questions, please do not hesitate to drop a note to my email: info@therepublicofwood.com